TelePrompter Acceditation Group

What People Are Saying

Who would be interested in TAG Actors?
After all, you are established with an Agent, you may already be working…

Competition is steep and every little bit of marketing and self-promotion available is imperative to keep you in the game as the industry evolves with web based technology, digital cameras and an ever-changing economy.

Take a look at what Producers are saying

“For long shoots Teleprompters are the only way to go. People who are really good at it make or break the shoot. Having worked with somebody is the way I choose Teleprompter Talent; it’s a gamble. Auditions with Teleprompter would be a great idea…
A Teleprompter Accreditation would be even better”
       - Frank Loose, Atlanta Producer/Director

On answering how she finds Actors that are proficient in Teleprompting:
“…Good question… (sighs)
Well… the Director usually refers the last person he worked with at teleprompter…
An Accreditation Group would be a great idea…
How do we find good Teleprompting Actors??...
…yeah, there’s no way to know”.
       - Atlanta/Orlando Producer – Majestic Pictures

“Accredited Teleprompter Actors would definitely help Production on our shoots where the Talent has a lot to say in 30 – 60 seconds with multiple set-ups and different emphases of words given by the Director. TAG Actors would cut down on production time because you would know you are getting Talent that can really use the Teleprompter.”
       -Tonya Tindall, Producer – Rooms To Go

“We had a shoot where we were using 1000’ mags of footage and we went through 900’ of footage just on one person because she couldn’t use a Teleprompter.
A TAG Actor could of cut our production time in half!”
    - Atlanta Producer – Georgia Lottery

While working on a teleprompting shoot with an Actor who was supposed to be good at Teleprompting…
“I have one word… ‘TAG!!”
    - Atlanta Producer/Director – Chick-fil-A