TelePrompter Acceditation Group


Peachtree Prompters welcomes:

Lauri (Plesco) Ross, TAG Founder/Owner, along with Level Three TAG Instructors;


John Atwood and Angie Harrell!

for a one-of-a-kind

Multiple Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Ongoing Courses


                                              Intermediate to Advanced Actors!

(Only accepting 8 represented Actors)


On Tuesday July 20th, 2010

Peachtree Prompters is now offering ongoing teleprompting courses from Level One, Ongoing and Advanced Hosting at Peachtree Prompters Studios; 1846 Briarwood Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30329



                         TV Host Jodi Marks teaches Teleprompter!

Designed for Professional Actors wishing to advance their skills!

Peachtree Prompters offers a unique opportunity to work with a Teleprompter or with Multiple Teleprompters (simultaneously and comfortably) on an ongoing basis. Take advantage of this one of a kind Teleprompter Training to advance or become skilled as an Actor or Public Speaker.

Host Actor and to develop your “edge” as an Actor in demand.


Learn the following skills:

Ÿ  Working with 2 Teleprompters at once.

Ÿ  Walking and talking while addressing both teleprompters, individually, and    


Ÿ   Incorporating body movement and inflections all while reading Teleprompters.

Ÿ   Learn techniques of pacing even during non stop action.

Ÿ  Enhancing abilities to work with a Teleprompter on a more intense level or ongoing basis.

Ÿ  Reading Teleprompters while also ad-libbing and using props.

Ÿ  Each participant will perform with the Teleprompters while being videotaped.

Ÿ  Each participant will receive feedback and an evaluation of their skills as well as suggestions for improving their Teleprompting proficiency.


        About Peachtree Prompters Courses

When: email for current courses

         Choose from one of 2 course times:

        11am-2pm or 3pm-6pm




Investment: From private lessons Ongoing Courses!  (Prices vary. Email for details.) Special Guest Workshops TBA )


Recommendations: TAG lists credible teleprompting courses in the Atlanta market for Professional Actors wishing to enhance their skills and advance Levels.



Email: to request more information.

Be sure to put: “Courses" or "Private Lessons" in the subject line.

Peachtree Prompters will notify you via email:

Payments via Check or PayPal

Spaces are reserved on a first come basis and Agent recommended.


About Peachtree Prompters:

Peachtree Prompters is a full blown Teleprompter Rental and Training facility that began in Atlanta, starting 1989. Some of the credits Operators have worked on include "The 2008 Obama Campaign" Vice President Joe BidenDrop Dead Diva, The Vampire Diaries, Sigourney Weaver as well as television networks, commercials and even feature films!


About Lauri (Plesco) Ross:

Lauri has owned and operated her own Teleprompter Company (Peachtree Prompters) since 1989. She began her television/film career as a teen host on a television show in Detroit, Michigan. For over 20 years, Lauri has worked with top celebrities, Directors and Producers working with Teleprompters and has been privy to what works and what doesn’t work! Lauri attributes her success to the many colleagues and mentors who have taught her along the way, including Martin Landeau, Jane Fonda, the belated Carroll O Conner, and her TBS family from the early 90’s.> Murray-Grest (a Reggio Emelia private school), The Waldorf School of Atlanta and public schools such asCoralwood and Glenwood Academy in Decatur Georgia. She has worked both on set and off with Corporate Executives preparing for presentations with Speech Prompters and is currently hosting Executive Training to Fortune 500 companies who work with Teleprompter and Presidentials.> o:p>


The New Media Foundation of Georgia in conjunction with the Department of Education recently (2010) elected Lauri Plesco as a Board Member to help consult, create and instruct guidelines for using Teleprompters and teaching Public Speaking. Her talents will help all of Georgia's public schools.


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