TelePrompter Acceditation Group

Purpose of TAG

A Standard of Excellence

To establish a standard of excellence among speakers, coaches, and professional talent for the purpose of identifying those individuals as professionally trained in teleprompter usage.


To establish credibility among speakers, coaches, CEO’s and executives as well as for teleprompting companies and teleprompter operators.

Training and Coaching

Is for actors, speakers, executives, politicians and others who wish to improve their speaking abilities and/or maintain their level of excellency using teleprompters.

These teleprompting courses include Presidentials, multiple teleprompters, and demonstration sets. Professional Actors, Directors, Speaking Instructors and Body Language Experts provide training and expert coaching along with professional teleprompter operators.

Our body language expert is available to help speakers hone in on their presentational appearance, delivery, non-verbal communications and behaviors with an expert who has conducted years of research on body language.

Attributes such as walking while speaking, speaking in allotted time periods, demonstrating while using teleprompters and conformability in front of the teleprompters will be a focus.

A Resource

A resource for casting agencies, directors and production companies to find credible talent proficient with the use of teleprompters. This will enhance their own marketing tools by working with accredited talent and exhibiting TAG member status within their own industries.

Event Planners and hiring agents will also be able to identify credible Public Speakers who will need to use Presidential set ups.

Host Demo Reel Facilities

To host demo reel facilities for up and coming News Anchors and Reporters to learn the in’s and out’s of using teleprompters and reporting, become Teleprompter Accredited, and walk away with a reel ready to show prospective clients.


To host an affordable place to rehearse for Executives, Politicians and Actors.

Speeches and material will be available with Professionals using Teleprompters and Presidentials which are already aligned in a studio and ready to use.

Teleprompter operators and companies also have a resource for operators to learn to be a professional teleprompter operator, train using teleprompting software, rigging teleprompters to cameras and setting up Presidentials.

This facility allows space, gear and a steady opportunity for operators in training who need experience teleprompting.

Referrals and Advertising

Links and advertising for members is available.

A resource for teleprompter companies and operators who are a part of TAG to receive referrals and advertising space within the industry.